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The Loaded Group BDaaS team comprises a group of executives that specialize in; finance, legal, accounting and business management experts that structures companies with four key executives. These are the Chairman/CEO/CIO – the chief IT person, banking expert, and quant trader, the MBA – the business manager, the JD – the attorney and legal counsel, and the CPA – the corporate accounting expert. Learn more about each role below, and how we work together to serve our client base.

About The Team

The team practice of The Loaded Group BDaaS is to develop businesses across all industries for holding company structures. The typical parent holding company clients that The Loaded Group serves exist in off shore jurisdictions to execute Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) initiative to subsequently capitalize operating holding companies to inject private equity investments into subsidiaries. The Loaded Group BDaaS team comprises four (4) key executives that provide holding companies the following core competencies.

Team Members & Roles


  1. Chairman & CEO – Organizing, developing and operating holding companies with securities trading expertise finance FDI for the parent company and Private Equity for subsidiaries.
  2. MBA – Serving as Business Manager to team to manage operations providing finance, marketing, human resources, statistics in a manner most relevant to management analysis and strategy.
  3. Legal Counsel – Knowledge of tax law, off shore corporation law, securities law, intellectual property rights, licensing, legal and commercial transactions, acquisitions, advising holding companies on their legal rights and duties, including the duties and responsibilities of officers.
  4. CPA – Expert in the field of international accounting standards and off-shore taxation laws.

The professionals at The Loaded Group BDaaS recognize the importance of these requirements and leverage considerable resources to assist holding company clients in meeting their needs by combining all of the talents of the team, including investment banking, venture capital, asset management, business management and development services. We are able to provide holding company clients with a one-stop shop for comprehensive business development and consulting solutions. We also enable holding company clients and their subsidiaries to launch and expand in all their industry sectors with Strategy Development; Financial Consulting; Government and Community Relations; Revenue Development; and Project Management. In the area of Strategy Development, the Chairman and CEO of The Loaded Group BDaaS develops feasibility studies, economic impact studies, business plans and marketing strategy development to enable The Loaded Group BDaaS to carry out holding companies’ objectives. 


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