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The Loaded Group performs BDaaS (Business Development as a Service) exclusively for holding company structures. We are a business development consulting services organization that performs Business Development activities, including the following structures the Chairman and CEO spearheads for holding company structures;


  • Organizational structure
  • Off-shore corporate structuring
  • Securities trading structure
  • Structuring proprietary buy/sell trading program 
  • Creating structures for subsidiaries’ Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in foreign jurisdictions 
  • Private banking Execution Management System (EMS) proprietary Electronic trading structure
  • Business plans for parent holding companies and subsidiaries
  • Subsidiaries’ private equity structure
  • Structuring Intellectual assets such as Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks and Trade Secrets strategy
  • Owner, Registrar & Protector of FDI Companies and FDI financing strategy
  • Cloud-based Computational Resource Planning (ERP) Management Information Structure 

Our Business Development Services


  • We perform a variety of business development services for our clients. These include:
  • Location of suitable jurisdictions for parent holding companies
  • Selecting markets for operating and subsidiary companies to do business
  • Identification of real estate assets and negotiation of all terms relating to acquisition or sale of real estate assets
  • Working with project architects and engineers to develop plans and specifications
  • Identification of technologies, know-how and the transfer of technologies



Project Management

  • The Loaded Group assists large-scale business development and technology programs covering large, diverse geographic boundaries with the following project management services:
  • Identifying new business ideas for holding companies to invest into and writing business plans
  • Technology feasibility studies
  • Technology proof of concept business plans
  • Site acquisition
  • Procurement
  • RFP processes
  • Management of design professionals
  • Requisition and payment
  • Accounting and record keeping
  • Regulatory services



Revenue Opportunity Creation

The Loaded Group leverages its expertise to create large parent holding companies organizations that create revenues that keep costs low. By analyzing a client’s business models and financials, we can identify new or increase current sources of revenues as well as identify potential cost savings. Adding to our tremendous value, on revenue development projects, The Loaded Group only gets compensated if and when returns are generated. In evaluating financial, operational and accounting structures, we analyze an entity internally and externally, from the bottom up and from the top down, in seeking to identify opportunities. After identifying structures and procedures that are inefficient or potential revenue sources that have not been developed, The Loaded Group will develop a plan to create opportunities. Our professionals will then create a plan that involve implementation of new structures; creation of operating holding company and subsidiary company formations.




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